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Simple short excerpts for you and yours!

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Each will have super valuable information!
Three Generations living together God's Way (Book!)
Parental – Continual Life Planning
Parental – Courage and Self Discipline
Parental – Easy to Create Programs
Parental - Family Team Building
Parental – Grandpa’s Diet
Parental – Help with Teenager Goals
Parental – Mission Field
Parental – Please, Thank You, Your Welcome
Parental – Quotes to use
Parental- Teaching Chores
Parental – To Middle Teen “SPOUSAL SELECTION TALK”
Parental – Value of The Same Sex Parent
Parental – Your Prayer Garden Beginning
Parents -Need to Possess the Heart of a Teacher
Parents – Dating Their Children
Parents – Financial Planning WRITTEN AGREEMENT
Parents-Home is Parenting Central
Parents – Inexpensive Huge Marriages
Parents – Look to The Past to Prepare for The Future
Parents – Two Become One, Genesis 2-21, Matthew 19-6b
Parents – Need to Send Parenting Boundaries
Parents – Love Is Not Egocentric, Love Is Action Towards Others
Parents- Never Leave for Tomorrow What Can Be Done Today
Parents – No Regrets, Just Lessons Learned
Parents – Powerful Words are Please, Thank You, Your Welcome
Parents – Satan’s Foundation Is Destroyed at GODS Word
Parents – “You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me, Exodus 20-3
FRONT DOOR SIGN -Grandchildren anytime
Parents by Appointment
Time to Think about tomorrow is TODAY!
Home school parents - EIGHT TRIPS TO RUSSIA


THESE articles will soon be available for $2.00 each. They contain many pictures, plus ideas for parents to improve their children’s thinking on how to invest for the children near future. Powerful blessings will arrive when parents implement these CHRISTIAN truths.
Mr. D the author is retired but not tried. He has four children by birth, three more by adoption plus a lifetime of working with children. All the financial income will be used for advancement of CHRISTIANITY, especially the youth!